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  • Art Direction, competitive analysis, brand analysis, organizational planning, team building, team structuring, resource allocation, production art, concept art, and illustration.
  • Hired, structured and managed 2D/3D internal creative teams of 80+ artists and department directors and multiple, concurrent outsourcing groups.
  •  Oversee, establish, direct, manage and maintain multiple, concurrent game title visual direction, brand identity, production quality and asset production.

Development Experience

  • Mobile ( iOS , Android, Unity, HTML5 ) Online, Facebook, Xbox, Playstation, Cinematics.

Software Knowledge

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Maya, 3Dstudio Max, Traditional Media.


Studio Art Director SGN, Palo Alto, CA. April 2014 – Present

  • Establish, direct, manage various game title’s visual direction, brand identity, style guidelines, production quality and asset production from conception through live ops.
  • Management of internal/external 2D/3D Art Department to support pre-production and production cycles for various game titles.
  • Scope, Schedule and Manage production of art, animation and UI assets.
  • Contract, direct and manage multiple/concurrent outsourcing groups.
  • Assist in creation of pre-production and production art.

Freelance Art Director/Designer San Francisco,CA. Sept 2013 – March 2014

  • Art direction and Mobile App Design.

Studio Art Director GREE International, San Francisco,CA.  July 2011 – Sept 2013

Art Directed: Book of Ashes, MLB Full Deck, NFL Shuffle, IUGO Knights & Dragons, Zombie Jombie, Alien Family, Astro Pizza (Mobile: iPhone, Android, HTML5)

Oversaw Art Direction: Jackpot Bingo, Jackpot slots, Fashion Age (unreleased) Crime City 2 (Mobile: iPhone, Android, HTML5)

  • Oversee, establish, direct, manage and maintain various game title’s visual direction, brand identity, production quality and asset production.
  • Interview and hire art staff to support multiple pre-production and production cycles for various game titles.
  • Manage and structure 2D/3D Art Departments, Tech Art Departments and 2D/3D Animation Department, including performance management, involuntary terminations and reduction in force.
  • Design and execute internal studio tools for asset review, artist accountability, creative culture and corporate visibility across multiple studios.
  • Manage and maintain creative workshops and demonstrations.
  • Assist in creation of pre-production and production art.
  • Managed internal teams of 60+ 2D/3D artists and department directors; multiple/concurrent outsourcing groups of 100+
  • Team building efforts to bring together two distinct studio cultures.
  • Direct relationship building with Japanese counterparts to achieve best art quality
  • Presented techniques, approach and style to GREE Japan’s art department of 250+ artists and executives
  • Interview and hire art staff to build and support GREE Vancouver Studio

 Studio Art Director EBI, Austin, TX. Feb 2009 – October 2010

Wurl Platform(Online/PC), Weblords (Online/PC Weblords (iphone)Weblings Fay(Online/PC) Weblings Pet(Online/PC)

  • Establish, direct and maintain visual direction and product brand identities; including, game platform and brand strategies.
  • Interview and hire art staff to support corporate, platform and multiple product development.
  • Direct and manage teams of various disciplines (animation, motion graphics, graphic design, web design & UI) for multiple corporate and product development cycles
  • Assist in creation of pre-production and production art.
  • Manage and direct internal teams of 10+. Including two concurrent outsourcing groups with 10+ artists each, plus local contract artists.

 Sr. Concept Artist Edge of Reality, Austin, TX. Feb 2007 – Nov 2008

Cipher Complex (360, PS3)

  • Collaborated with Sega, developing character assets, including main characters and AI’s
  • Led concept art meetings, created and designed characters, props and vehicles
  • Supervised and created character model packets for digital production; including orthographics, head studies,

Art Director, Sr. Concept Artist, Sculptor Reel FX Creative Studios, Dallas, TX. Dec 2001 – Feb 2007

Sr. Concept Artist, Sculptor: Guardians of Childhood( Rise of the Guardians); Mischeivians & Dinosaur Bob (film)

  • Collaborated with Director/Writer, William Joyce, developing designs for IP’s.
  • Created concepts for characters, environments, vehicle and props.
  • Translated drawings into character maquettes, using molds, cast and sculptures

Sr. Concept Artist, Sculptor, Matte Painter: Boz the Green Bear (Direct to DVD series)

  • Colored design of environments and props.
  • Created environment matte paintings.
  • Sculpted character concepts to assist in translation for the modeling dept.
  • Posed and set up digital character for rapid prototyping.

Art Director: Action Man; Ultimate X (animated films) Client – Hasbro UK.

  • Supervised and created concepts for characters, sets, vehicles and props.
  • Oversaw all 3D assets as they are developed and executed in production.
  • Supervised and lead all digital painting used in the film for CG elements and matte painting.

Art Director: GI Joe (animation); Valor vs Venom (Movie)Client – Hasbro.

  • Created and oversaw preproduction art for digital production and character designs
  • Supervised and created matte paintings for post production and character packets for digital production
  • Character orthographic drawings, detailed head studies, colored 3/4 drawings, texture material guidelines

Sr. Artist: Spy Kids 2 (Movie); Hasbro’s Spytroops the Movie (Movie)

  • Storyboards, concept art, matte painting FX direction, CG models, animation for film and commercials

Sr. Illustrator, Multimedia Designer Mediacentric Group, St Petersburg, FL. May 2000 – May 2001

  • Maintained continuity between web, print and multimedia presentations
  • Oversaw final designs on outstanding projects for continuity between team members and media
  • Created concepts; including drawing, storyboarding, color palettes,  branding, identity, digital illustrations, info graphics, interface design, web design, animation, flash presentations and client consultation
  • Drew and storyboarded concepts, digital illustration, info graphics, director presentations, flash presentations, interface design, web design and client consultation

Environment Artist, Funnybone Interactive, Hartford, CT. Jan 1998 – April 1999

  • Collaborated with team of artists in development of concept, characters, digital backgrounds
  • Trained employees new to Photoshop and assembled animation in Director.


Bachelors of Fine Arts Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL. 1995        

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, Pre-college program. 1990

  • Ringling School of Art and Design, Illustration workshop, Instructor: Alan Cober
  • American Illustration conference, Studio visits and artist demonstrations
  • Scholastic award, 1989. Carnegie Mellon University, pre-college award, 1990.
  • Ringling School of art and Design, four year scholarship, 1991.
  • Don Abraham scholarship, 1991, 1992.
  • Best of Ringling, 1995.
  • Pittsburgh Golden Triangle advertising award, 1995.
  • Spectrum 7 annual, 2000.
  • IABC Bronze Quill Award for Interactive Demonstration, 2001.
  • Printed in Ballistic Publishing, Expose 2 & Machine flesh Challenge.


Jason KimSr. Technical Program Manager, Sony Network Entertainment Int’l

Shawn is the kind of art director that sets the bar for art direction. He is highly adaptable to any type of product, and sets an uncompromising vision for his team. He has a demonstrated and clear expertise in both academic and professional illustration and graphic design, as well as a healthy balance of classic art theory and contemporary methodologies. He is an inspiration to his staff and fosters their creativity while guiding them in his principles, without sacrificing each individual’s contributions. And he is a model of teamwork, bringing together minds across the entire organization for the betterment of the product. All in all, I would highly recommend Shawn to any game or interactive media developer who is looking to give their product the polish it needs in any schedule demands.

Kevin SchmidArt Director GREE CANADA at GREE International, Inc

I don’t give recommendations casually. But a truly grand one befits Shawn and his impact when I was helping ramp up a new Vancouver studio from ground zero. Shawn provided truckloads of impressive insight and experience-based advice, which was GOLD considering how new I was to Mobile. Examples of production process, timelines for development, information on team building…first hand knowledge and advice. All of this formed the foundation of which I constructed and built our team on and began our first project with. These are leadership and management based secrets which are usually kept close, but that he gave generously along with his time to help us out. He is what I call an “artist’s art director”. Meaning he is a powerful and talented artist in his own right, capable of creating a lot of the art he himself tasks his team to produce. This is important because it involves a deep understanding of content and process and can push the envelope to what a team is capable of. He is a very charged manager – his passion is contagious, after every conversation with him I always left stoked. My thanks and salutations to a most- excellent Studio Art Director. I would recommend Shawn for any studio’s mad pursuits, future revels or unfathomed productions to create striking new visual direction with a sensible, unique and achievable process path.

Jonathan Hanna: Senior Producer at Playdom

Not only is Shawn a great artist, but he’s also professional, detail oriented, and always willing to adapt as things change. Whenever a challenge arose Shawn had his team ready to tackle it and his ability to focus the team on what needed to be done, as well as think ahead to the next group of tasks, made him very effective as the Art Director. Shawn’s team always delivered quality work even when the requirements or priorities changed. Shawn was also always willing to help out in other areas such as logo creation, branding strategies, and a host of other tasks that helped make our products better and better.

Chad Townsend: Concept Artist at Disney

In my 15+ professional years as an artist in Video Games & Animation Shawn is HANDS DOWN the best Art Director I have had the privilege to work under the same roof with in years. Shawn has a clear way of communicating ideas directly, allowing artists to bring their best foot forward without crushing it. as well He knows how to guide people to the direction & the needs of a production on schedule and without pressure. Yet always strong enough to call anyone to task. 

He is respectable not only because of his excellent skill as an artist, his many years of experience but, as a great person. 3 qualities I guarantee you will not find in a majority of all Art Directors in the game industry. period.